Musical Concerts

What do you have in mind? A mad frenzy of head-banging zombies or a sophisticated assemblance of music artists lost in classical fantasy? Whatever you want, we have the means to deliver it. We plan and execute full-fledged music concerts for all cultures, ages, tastes, size, style and budget!

Hall/auditorium/venue selection

With our connections with popular concert venues and auditoriums, we can reserve seats for a large number of audiences and artists. We can also reserve multiple stages for different performances so that you can have an amazing concert.

Artists/Performers/Band Booking

Many planners might find it difficult to book your choice of artists, but our connections make it possible for us to reserve your favourite/required artists, bands and performers. Also, we take special care of artist equipments and belongings and make reservations for their accommodation.

Stage rehearsal arrangements

Artists and performers can practice before their live performances as we make it a point to book stages a few days in advance for rehearsals.

Autograph & Meeting Sessions

Why would your audience go to a concert if not to get an autograph? We can organise meeting and photograph sessions after performances for all audiences.

Guest listing and management

Concerts call for huge guest planning and management. From distributing tickets, making lists of audiences and ensuring that everyone receives proper treatment, concert halls are a frenzy of people and we are ever-prepared to ensure a smooth guest flow.

Special Event Stalls

Fans need their special food too! From customised artist goodies to CDs/DVDs and complete albums, we can set up stalls so that audiences can take home with them a part of their favourite artists.

Catering and Snacks

We specialise in snack corner and dinner preparations for guests and artists (separately). We are prepared to arrange just about any kind of food that the concert theme calls for!

Social Media Handling

On our team, we have hands that are quick to click and write. We take care of uploading photos and videos on all social media platform like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., in real time.

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